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Looking back at the Flanders’ Care Round Table

Political leaders and  opinion makers, from the administration and the private sector, were present at the Flanders’ Care Round Table, together with more than 400 industry stakeholders. Flanders’ Care is the Flemish platform for innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. HealthConnect – both entrepreneurial and innovative – gives a short overview of the main conclusions of this Round Table.

The keynotes of 3 Flemish Ministers (Mr. Peeters, Ms. Ingrid Lieten and Mr. Vandeurzen) underpinned the momentum in health, care and ICT. Across the entire field, we are observing a growing consensus among stakeholders. With on-going initiatives like Vitalink and the announced enlargement of the healthcare demonstration area, the supportive framework in Flanders is actively being shaped. In combination with the eHealth-platform base services, building blocks for better multi-disciplinary collaboration and information exchange are ready to use. Different speakers and “tweets” remind us that privacy and data protection must remain a key element of any solution. The Round Table puts the patient in an active and empowered role to take control of its health. In our opinion, also the patient’s care team plays an important role, there is no single “director” of a patient’s health.

As Chris Vander Auwera clearly expressed: the framework is there, it is now up to the field to build added value on top of these base services. HealthConnect plays a unique role in this process: we actively work on the development of the base services themselves (Vitalink, eHealth Connector, eBirth, … more info here) and play a key role in unlocking these services towards the care actors (HospiConnect, LabConnect…). With our team of 35 experts, we will continue doing so in the next days, weeks and months!

To conclude, we quote Frank Robben: “Various vaults, hubs and other platforms are available, but empty at this time. It is now up to the healthcare industry to start filling them up.” We are looking forward to a third conference, and are actively working with our clients to demonstrate at that time the return on investment of the  various government initiatives being taken in the last years..