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Presenting our experiences with JavaFX at beJUG

Last week Tuesday, we presented our experiences with JavaFX at the BeJUG event in Louvain-la-Neuve. Johan Vos (from LodgON) kicked off with a walkthrough of JavaFX 2.x, showing all the features that set it apart from other GUI toolkits. After that, I explained our need for rich client technology, and why JavaFX fits the bill: especially its high customisability (lightweight components with CSS skinning), and its run-off-the-web capability (small memory footprint, hardware-accelerated rendering engine) tipped the scale for us.

JavaFX's customisability is showcased in the FXCalendar and Dropup custom components we've developed: simple class extension with CSS will already get you very far. I also covered the impact of JavaFX outside the GUI layer: JavaFX comes with its own bean architecture, which provides per-property observer infrastructure, and asynchronous Tasks for use in the controller. Even though this is more invasive than other GUI toolkits, it integrates well with an enterprise architecture. This is demonstrated in our CliniConnect software, which combines a RESTful webservice with a JavaFX client, built on top of frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Dozer, EasyMock, and Jersey. JavaFX has already proven more than viable to us, and has a bright future in our software projects to come!